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With a 2007 city population of around 1.8 million, Lyon is France's third-largest city and is a significant center of company france and market. The city is located in between Paris and Marseille, and the stretching urbane location is 2nd just to Paris in size. Lyon is a hectic mixture of old and ultra-modern and everything in-between.

Lyon has lots of specialties. One is the silk market-- Lyon is called the silk capital of the world. The city is also understood as the culinary capital of France, somehow going beyond Paris because regard. Lyon's market includes chemical, biotech and pharmaceutical, along with a substantial software market, with a big percentage being in the computer game arena. The city is likewise known as the headquarters of the global crime-fighting organization Interpol, along with the place where moving images were developed.

With all the market and commerce, the old part of the city retains its old world charm. In the old town, known as the Saint-Jean and the Croix-Rousse locations, you'll discover an unique network of narrow passageways called traboules. These passages are ancient, pass through buildings, and were initially utilized as shortcuts for transporting goods safely and dryly around town.

Lyon boasts the biggest city park in France, time in lyon france called The Parc de la Tete d'Or, which includes a little zoo in addition to a big boating lake. You can likewise take an useful river cruise to find the very best of waterside Lyon, with its 28 bridges, embankments, monoliths and magnificent old buildings.

Juxtaposed among the old structures is an eclectic mix of sensational ultramodern, cutting-edge architecture.