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How To Win Big In The Zante Weekend Holidays Indus

Zante or Zakynthos is the 3rd largest island of the Ionian Sea, after Kefalonia and Corfu. The island's shape looks like an uneven triangle, the base of which is formed by the bay of Laganas, while the cape of Schinari at where is zante the north of the island forms its peak. It is the southern of the biggest islands in the Ionian Sea, situated at the NW of the Peloponnese, and is washed by the Ionian Sea.

The island's agricultural production is gathered on its east side, while the west coasts are rough and high, with lots of bays and rocky beaches. Its scent is spectacular, and this may discuss the factor why the island was named Fioro of Levante (Flower of the East). The island's animals is also really abundant, since the well- understood caretta-caretta turtle comes here to replicate and hatch its eggs in the sandy beaches of Lagana's bay, of Gerakas and other beaches.

The island's beaches are widely known for their crystal clear, shallow waters, while their coasts are mainly sandy. There are numerous fantastic beaches on the island of Zakynthos which draw in many travelers.

Vassilikos is discovered approximately 15 km from the island's capital, which the locals call chora. Many of these beaches are: Porto zoro, Mavratzi, Banana, Porto Roma, Agios Nikolaos and Gerakas (numerous consider this to be the most gorgeous beach on the island)-which is the main recreation location of the caretta- caretta turtle.

Just zakynthos greece zante two kilometers from chora, turning best towards Kalamaki, one of the biggest resorts on the island, one reaches the bay of Laganas, with an excellent 9 km long sandy beach, dune, zante zakynthos greece great sand and shallow waters. Lagana's beach in addition to the nearby beaches at Kalamaki and Agios Sostis draw in countless travelers throughout the summertime. We carry on towards the beaches Arkadianos, Porto Koukla, Tartarouga and Limni Keriou, at the base of cape Marathias.

Lovers of savage beauty will discover spectacular beaches for swimming on the west side of the island. At the village of Agios Leon, one will discover the rocky voes of Limnionas and Roxa, after strolling through an outstanding wild landscape. The waters there are deep and cool, and the natural charm of the landscapes is magnificent. By taking a little boat from Porto Vromi, one will reach the beach of "Navagio" (shipwreck). This beach is actually the ornament of the island, and is considered as one of the most gorgeous beaches in Greece.