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How Technology Is Changing How We Treat Santorini

The Santorini is the most spectacular and popular Island in Greece where one can find much to visit and enjoy. The Santorini Island has been famed as the most stunning Island in the world where you can get absolute traveling experience that you can find no where.

Bellow You can find a list of beautiful places that can create a real time traveling experience:

Santorini Volcano:

Volcano in Santorini Island is the most amazing and center of attraction for visitors, which creates a real time experience. The volcano of Santorini is also known as Caldera which has been inspiring thousands of visitors to Santorini Island. Nea Kameni is the center of live Volcano and visitors visit it every year by regular boat excursions. There is a walk on a lunar landscape of 20 minutes for visitors to view the crater of volcanos and steams of Sulphur coming out of some holes.

After Nea Kameni, the excursion boat will take you to the oldest volcanic center Palia Kameni where you can enjoy your self in deliciously tepid bubbling water with a warming bath.


The submarine is the most beautiful and unforgettable tourist attraction where one can get absolute traveling experience with the magical under water journey starting from the village of Viychada. The visitors immerse them selves in to the blue water of the Agean Sea and keep this submarine experience as a real time experience for ever. Visitors can go there by bus from Fira

Cable Cars

The cable car is one of the major attractions of the imerovigli hotels Santorini Island. The journey by cable car starts from the port of Gialos to the capital town of Fira, which takes 3 minutes. Especially in summer the cable cars depart in every 20 Minutes from 6:30 to 22:00 hours. It becomes lees frequent during the winter. Cable car is the best way to view the beauty of Santorini. The cable car fare is same as donkey rides.

The hot Sulfur beach

Palia Kameni is the center hot springs. The bubbling hot water full of sulphur is good for skin. Most of the visitors like to swim in the hot spring that creates an amazing experience. Due to the volcano the water there is warm and muddy. After a hot walk to the volcano a mud bath and delicious swim can provide you the optimum relaxation.

A trip to Europe is always an exciting prospect, but if you enjoy the great outdoors as well, you can enhance your European trip with some trekking on the island of Santorini.

Santorini is one of the most famous of the Greek islands, a Mediterranean paradise that is visited by thousands of people each year. This island (actually, a small grouping of islands) was once known as "Kallisti" - or, "the most beautiful one", referring to its beauty in contrast to the other islands around it. Before this name was used, the name Thira was applied to this island, which had inhabitants as early as 3000 BC (Santorini Island is still occasionally known as Thira). All of this rich history means that Santorini Greece hiking is a great trip for those who are interested imerovigli santorini hotels - AGreekAdventure Travel to Imerovigli in ancient civilizations.

The island of Santorini is also well-known as being a volcanic island. Until around the year 1650 BC, Thira (as it was then known) was a relatively small island with a volcanic cone in the middle. At this time, a large eruption of the volcano caused the cone to sink, and changed the landscape of Santorini in one of the most violent volcanic eruptions ever seen in the Mediterranean. It is even thought that these eruptions caused the Minoan civilization on Crete to be killed, by the immense amount of dust.

The massive amounts of history, cultural backgrounds and geological sites on Santorini mean that hiking here can be interesting to many different types of people. It also means that depending on where you choose to hike, the terrain can be difficult to pass through. You can choose to hike through paved areas, such as the biggest city on Santorini, Fira. Here, you can see many remains of the ancient cultures of Greece, as well as the beautiful architecture and atmosphere of this modern day vacation spot.

If you chose to make your Santorini Greece hiking trip in the more rural areas of the island, you can travel to see the 700 foot high volcanic sea cliffs on Armeni Bay, or see Imerovigli village which sits on 1000 foot high volcanic cliffs. You can even take a tour boat from Santorini in order to hike around the still active island volcano of Nea Kameni. This volcano erupted as recently as 1956, and it is still considered a very dangerous spot to live around.