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The city of Athens go back over 3,400 years, although there have greece been citizens there for well over 7,000 years. The city of Athens, called after the customer goddess Athena, has actually been under her patronage for centuries. Athens became the birth location of democracy in 508 B.C. under the help of Cleisthenes.

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Getting around in Athens can be a problem with the blockage. Finest approach is to use the fairly brand-new City train service. Do not even believe of renting a lorry and driving in Athens!

Castle and Parthenon.

Constitution Square

Panathenian Stadium


National Archaeological Museum

You can not see Athens without checking out the Acropolis, which was the ancient Athens, constructed on a hill. The highlight of the Castle is the world popular Parthenon, which can be seen from almost all Athens.

Constitution here Square is where Parliament and the Tomb of the Unidentified Soldier are. Here one will discover the popular Greek Altering of the Guard, which is amongst the most colorful celebrations in all of Europe.

Panathenian Arena is the location of the initial Olympic Games and restored in 1896.

The Palaka is the winding streets around the Acropolis. A fascinating location Go here of winding streets, with lots of stores and dining facilities. One may invest the day here.

The National Archaeological Museum is a masterpiece of antiquities. It will take a minimum of 2 hours without pausing to see whatever, nevertheless well worth the time. Do not blend the National Gallery, which is also a work of art of art and antiques.

We have just skimmed the surface for Athens. The Sound and Light Program at the Castle is an amazing experience.

If you can pay for a week or more, Greece is a ancient paradise. A great day journey is where to go in athens out to Corinth, where you can see the ruins of this ancient city, made popular by the Apostle Paul.

You can also get a getaway to athens Delphi where you will see the magnificent Temple of Apollo. Remember no referral has been made from sees to Thessaloniki or Kavalla, plus many other terrific cities that you can do, time enabling.

Unwind and go back into the times of the Greek Philosophers, Scholars and the Apostles.